News on Medical Marijuana in Vermont
from the Marijuana Policy Project

Great news! The number of states that protect medical marijuana
patients from arrest and prison is about to jump from eight to nine.
Yesterday, the Vermont Legislature approved the Marijuana Policy
Project's bill to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest --
and Vermont's Republican governor announced that he will let the bill
become law.

MPP's bill passed the state Senate by an overwhelming 20-7 vote
yesterday, finally bringing an end to a long and complicated
legislative struggle.

Although the Vermont House of Representatives tried to kill the bill
twice this year, MPP fought hard to resuscitate it -- and won.

We deployed a massive grassroots mobilization that swamped state
legislators' offices with postcards, phone calls, and e-mails from

And in Burlington, Vermont's largest city, MPP ran a successful
campaign to pass a ballot measure back in March which called on the
state Legislature to enact a statewide medical marijuana law.
Burlington voters passed the initiative by an 83% to 17% vote, causing
a key state legislator from Burlington to switch his vote ... which
gave us the majority we needed to move the bill out of his committee.

And MPP's blanketed the airwaves with hard-hitting TV ads featuring
Vermont patients explaining how marijuana helps control their
suffering. Quite simply, the ads shamed certain wavering politicians
into supporting MPP's bill. To watch the ads yourself, please visit
the following links:


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The Vermont Senate first passed MPP's medical marijuana bill in 2003,
but the House passed a different version on May 13, necessitating a
return to the Senate for an additional vote on the revised bill. After
fighting and winning in the Senate yesterday, the bill is finally
being sent to Gov. James Douglas (R).

The governor consistently opposed MPP's bill while it was being
debated in the Legislature, but he announced after yesterday's Senate
vote that he will allow the bill to become law without his signature.
His statement yesterday acknowledged that "marijuana offers those with
the most painful chronic diseases a measure of hope in a time of
suffering." See
to read his statement.

Since Gov. Douglas will not stand in the way, the bill will become law
marking the first time a medical marijuana bill was
enacted into law over the objections of a governor.

The bill allows patients suffering from AIDS, cancer, and multiple
sclerosis to possess and grow medical marijuana for personal use.

Vermont's victory is the second time a state legislature has approved
legislation to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest. Of the
other eight states that have enacted similar laws allowing seriously
ill patients to use medical marijuana with their doctor's
recommendation -- Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada,
Oregon, and Washington -- all but Hawaii's law were enacted through
the ballot initiative process.

And, in Maryland, the Legislature and Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R) enacted a
different kind of medical marijuana law ... one that protects medical
marijuana patients from jail if they can demonstrate that their use
was medical in nature ... but the law doesn't protect them from being

If one counts Maryland's law as a medical marijuana law, then the last
two state medical marijuana laws will have been enacted with the
consent of Republican governors.

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Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.


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