Duct Tape, Plastic Sheets and Ö. Marijuana Brownies?

The Israeli army has a secret weapon against nerve gas attack ­ a medication made from Marijuana. Does this mean that when the scuds start falling Israeli soldiers are going to whip out their bongs and start toking? Hardly ­ the process of combustion actually destroys the naturally occurring Cannabis compounds that protect against nerve system damage from deadly Sarin and VX gas. Also, of course, no army can function well when its stoned ­ just look at what happened in Vietnam.

Bill Drake, author of MARIJUANA FOODS HANDBOOK,  has been studying and writing about Marijuana for over 30 years. He says "The US Army has also been conducting secret experiments with the substance, called Dexanabinol, originally developed by an Israeli pharmaceutical firm, Pharmos, to treat head injuries and strokes. But thereís no way the US government is going to make Marijuana-based nerve gas medicine available to civilians, even if it could save millions of lives ­ just look at the governmentís attitude toward Marijuana as medicine for cancer victims, etc. Its up to individual Americans to act now to save themselves and their families if we are attacked by chemical nerve agents. The way to do this is to prepare generous portions of Marijuana Food and have it on hand for such emergencies."

Drake points out that "While the Israeli nerve gas pills are made with from natural Marijuana using a complicated chemical process, you can get almost the same level of protection with a homemade dose of Marijuana butter extract. Anyone who wants to make Marijuana extract can log on to my web site at http://www.ktc.com/~bdrake/marfoo.html and download a basic set of instructions and recipes. I recommend that every family in the country have a stockpile of marijuana food on hand for the foreseeable future ­ along with their duct tape and plastic sheeting, of course. Properly stored this stash of nerve gas protection will last several years."

Drake continues " A nerve gas attack on the US could actually reshape American society for generations to come, assuming that the Right-wing groups and government agencies who oppose medical Marijuana are unlikely to be prepared with Marijuana food. Wouldnít it be amusing to see their final scramble?"

 Marijuana Substitute Combats Nerve Gas
by Julian Borger
Scripps Howard News Service

JERUSALEM -- The best available protection against nerve gas attack comes from an Israeli-made synthetic equivalent of marijuana, U.S. military experiments have shown.
In U.S. Army tests, rats injected with Dexanabinol, a chemical substitute for hashish, were more than 70 percent less likely to suffer epileptic seizures or brain damage after exposure to sarin and other nerve gases, according to results published in the Israeli press Thursday.
The drug was developed by an Israeli pharmaceutical firm, Pharmos, to treat head injuries and strokes, but now it looks likely to become part of the standard chemical warfare kit carried by NATO troops after the results of the tests were announced at a conference in Maryland last month.

Dr. Anat Biagon, deputy director-general for research at Pharmos, told the newspaper Ha'aretz: "Dexanabinol can be used as part of the standard treatment in an attack using nerve gas, along with atropin. The drug can diminish nerve damage of the kind we witnessed in Gulf War syndrome."

It is thought to interact with neural receptors in the brain in the same way as marijuana, and thereby block the damaging effects of nerve agents.

The U.S. tests suggest it's effective as an antidote and as a preventative measure. So far, tests have only been carried out on rodents, but experiments on humans are expected to be the next stage.

Until then, no one can be sure whether Dexanabinol has the same mellowing side-effects as organic marijuana.

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Marijuana Substitute Combats Nerve Gas