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High Performance Goal Setting
Using Intuition to Conceive and Achieve Your Dreams
Dr Beverly Potter

Okay, not  the most  prepossessing title in  the world, there  are certainly
shades of the "think yourself rich" and naff positive thinking in the notion
of "achieving your dreamsóbut why? This book is an excellent primer in the
core techniques  of using intuitive thinking  to understand and support your
desires and  as such  deserves to be  read by business  types and practicing
"results magicians" alike.

Dr  Potter  provides  a  lucid  description  of  the  creative  use  of  the
imagination without slipping into new-age sophistry or tycoon mentality. The
use of  terms such as "as  if" echo the ideas on  desire of Austin Spare and
the notion of relaxing  into the intuitive process is directly parallel with
Crowleyís analysis of "Lust of Result".

Using a range of  immediate mental tools, High Performanceóenlists the help
of divinatory systems (though theyíre not called that), dream incubation and
organized imagination to accomplish your Will.  Next time you have problems
with "what should I do with my life?" or "How should I word the desire for
my next sigil?" donít look for  answersólook for  this book. Recommended.

 I wholeheartedly agree with JVís review, above. From when I first set eyes
on the books cover a voice from deep inside was screaming "Donít read it
!!!". The volume is badly laid out, has awful clip art, and for all intents
and purposes looks like the bastard son of a New Age Self Help book and one
of those patronizing middle management motivation manuals. Whoever designed
it should seriously re-think their career.

If I was the type of person who judged a book by itís cover (and I like to
think Iím not), then I would have missed a real gem. Dr. Beverly Potter has
done an excellent job in forming an easy to read, materialist friendly
primer in Magick. I would imagine that 90% of the people who read this book
will not see it as such, but that is what this book is, and I feel this is
the cause of the publishers problems. The book has no easily identifiable
market place, and therefore no target audience. It is the perfect answer for
all those materialists who want to know "How Magick Works". A truly liminal
work. óG.

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