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What is Your Weight-Loss Attitude?
from Change Your Mind Change Your Weight

by Dr. Raeleen Mautner
Instructions:  Think of how you feel about trying to lose weight as you read and respond to each item below. Using a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being “rarely true” and 5 being “usually true,” rate how true the item is for you. Don’t spend too much time deliberating over each item; just choose the first rating that comes to mind.

    Rating scale

Rarely true  1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5  Usually true 
__1.  When I go off my diet, I also stop exercising. 

__2.  If I skip exercise I can’t get back into it.

__3.  I’ll never lose weight because I’m lazy.

__4.  When my life, goes wrong I drop my fitness plans.

__5.  I’ve tried losing weight many times; nothing works.

__6.  Losing weight is just too hard for me.

__7.  I can’t lose weight because I lack willpower.

__8.  My parents were heavy, and that’s my fate, too.

__9.  Everyone seems able to loose weight but me. 

__10.  Exercise programs are basically useless.

__11.  Once I start eating I can’t stop. 

__12.  I’m addicted to the wrong foods.


12 - 24  Weight-Loss Optimist: Your rational optimism will help you achieve your weight-loss goals. Maintain your positive views of your ability to stick to your program and you will achieve your desired weight. 

25 - 48  Weight-Loss Hopeful: You are generally optimistic about being able to lost weight. Bolstering your positive thinking to give yourself a boost in overcoming the difficulties of losing weight.

49 - 60  Weight-Loss Pessimist: Your lack of confidence in your ability to loss weight underminds your success. Change the way you think to curb your defeatist attitude and losing weight will become easier.


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