If your book is not readily available in stores all the great promotion in the world, including appearances in top media venues—if you can get them—will do little to sell it. Without strong distribution, your book will go nowhere, no matter how well you promote it. One author appeared on numerous radio shows and then, as a test, went into bookstores to ask her book. The stores did not have it—and directed her to a competitor’s book. All her promotion did was boost someone else’s work.

There is only one way to prevent this from happening to you: by having very, very good distribution. Remember, you can easily get some distribution: Amazon is the perfect example, since it will list any book by anyone. But how many books does it list? Look up any title you want and see its Amazon ranking, such as 657,801, which mean that many books are more popular.

Ronin has the best distribution available to independent publishers. Our distributor, Publishers Group West (PGW), is the leading book sales and distribution company in the United States, representing over 100 independent publishers. PGW sets the standard for integrated, full-service distribution, provides complete digital conversion services, and is a top-ten vendor to book retailers and wholesalers across the country. PGW’s sales and marketing expertise, experience, flexibility, and unmatched service provide valued client publishers with comprehensive and targeted distribution of their titles in today's ever-changing market place.

  • Domestic and International Sales by Seasoned Professionals
  • Digital Sales, Conversion, and Distribution Services
  • Marketing, Editorial, and Design Consultation
  • Direct, Established Relationships with Key Retail and Wholesale Accounts
  • Web-based Sales, Inventory, and Financial Reporting
  • Title Management and Catalog Services
  • Advertising and Publicity Management and Services
  • Sales to Independent and Specialty Markets
  • State-of-the-Art, 400,000 sq. ft., Centrally Located Distribution Center

A live person sales team meets with bookstore buyers to present your book so that we will have advanced sales before your book is printed. During a sales conference, your book will be pitched to a sales team that flies in from all over the world. The Sales Team then goes back to their respective territories—not only throughout the United States but also to Canada, Australia, South Africa and the rest of the world—to meet with bookstore buyers to present your book and urge the buyer to put your book on the shelf. These face-to-face relationships take years, sometimes decades, to develop, and they are all part of what Ronin offers its authors.

And these presentations are not made only to bookstores. Your book will also be promoted to the many nontraditional outlets that are increasingly responsible for large numbers of book sales—stores such as REI, OfficeMax, Target, Wal-Mart and other major retailers.

Suppose you go on a business trip, during which you schedule interviews on local radio stations. But will your book be available in local stores. With Ronin, we inform the distributor’s sales rep in that city of your upcoming trip who calls local stores’ book buyers to encourage them to stock up.

Because our distributor close relationship with Amazon, they frequently offer us special promotional deals that are not available anywhere else. Some of these have been highly successful in selling large numbers of books. But you cannot get them on your own, and no self-publisher can connect you with them. Because of our excellent distribution, Ronin can and will.

            If you think you may have a Ronin Publishing book in one of our fields of specialization, contact us. We focus on self-help, medicine, life skills (with attitude), spirituality, psychedelia, and a “fringe series” of unusual and offbeat topics, such as ghost hunting and underground comics. Send us your manuscript for professional editorial evaluation. Send us a query if you have a finished manuscript ready to publish and want to explore co-publishing with Ronin.