Publishing Seasons

Traditional publishing operates with three seasons: Spring, Fall and Winter. As a Ronin co-publisher, you will be included in the sales conference for the next available season—and these conferences are extremely important, since they are the way the distributor’s Sales Team learns about your book and gets the information they need to present it to bookstore buyers nationally and internationally.

            Publishing seasons are not the same as the everyday calendar seasons to which you are accustomed. The SPRING publishing season includes the months of February, March, April, May and June. FALL includes July, August, September and October. WINTER includes November, December and January.

            For example, to be presented at the WINTER 2018-2019 sales conference, which takes place in August, we must place your book on the Ronin Title List by March 10, 2018.  This means that you and Ronin must have negotiated and signed a co-publishing agreement before then.  If we miss this deadline, we can certainly proceed with your book—but it will have to wait for the SPRING 2019 sales conference to be presented and get into the actual publishing stream. That conference takes place November 2018.

            Being “presented” at this Sales Conference is extremely important for your book’s success and is a major reason for publishing with Ronin—no self-publishing arrangement can offer you anything even close to our distributor’s sales and distribution powerhouse. Of course, we will gladly work with you to co-publish your book anytime, and then make sure that it is presented at the next Sales Conference, whenever that occurs. But for maximum impact and the best market penetration, you will want to move quickly into production so that your book will be presented as soon as possible.

If you think you may have a Ronin Publishing book in one of our fields of specialization, contact us. We focus on self-help, medicine, life skills (with attitude), spirituality, psychedelia, and a “fringe series” of unusual and offbeat topics, such as ghost hunting and underground comics. Send us a query about your finished manuscript that you are seeking to publish as a book.



Traditional publishing is scheduled in “Seasons” — Spring, Fall, and Winter.


Spring — February, March, April, May, June


Fall — July, August, September, October


Winter — November, December, January


Our distributor holds a Sales Conference to launch each Season during which books forthcoming in that season are presented to the Sales Team. In order to get your book on board for a season, it must first be added to the Title List by a particular deadline.


Title List Deadlines:


Spring — June 15


Fall —  December 1


Winter — March 10



In order to meet these deadlines, if you co-publish with Ronin the Publishing Agreement will have to be signed before your book can be placed on the Title List, the first step in marketing and selling your book.