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"The Sam Spade of ghost busting"

-San Francisco Chronicle

Hauntings & Poltergeists
A Ghost Hunters's Guide
Loyd Auerbach
aka "Professor Paranormal"

Apparitions, Hauntings and Poltergesits - Ghosts - have fascinated philosphers and scientists for millennia.  Parapsychologists have made significant inroads into understanding what is really going on.  Hauntings seem to be a kind of recording that becomes attached to a place or object and keeps replaying.  Poltergeist is a kind of paranormal stress relief valve.  Dubbed noisy ghosts, poltergeists are actually the manifestation of rage or another intense emotion of an "agent" who is often, but not always, a teenager.

To best understand ghostly phenomenon you need a knowledge foundation in psychic experience.  HAUNTINGS & POLTERGEISTS explains psi (pronounced "sigh") and how it interacts with apparitions.  Auerbach, also known as Professor Paranormal"describes telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psychometry, downsing, precognition, retrocognition, and psychokinesis and how these phenomenon manifest ghosts.Whether true believer or true disbeliever, HAUNTINGS & POLTERGEISTS is a ghost hunter's guide that explains everything you ever wanted to know about ghosts and what to do if you discover one in your home.

Filled with tales from Auerbach's own ghost busting cases, which include a haunting by an amorous couple, an apparition named Lois who watched TV with a boy who moved into her home after she died, and a disgruntled wife whose poltergeist turned off her husband's favorite TV sports show out of spite.

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