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Richard Glen Boire, ESQ.

The war-on-drugs is not a war on pills, power, plants and potions, it is a war on mental states. it is a war on consciousness itself how much, what sort we are permitted to experience and who gets to control it.

Richard Glen Boire, Esq

What is Your Risk Tolerance?
If you have an active interest in sacred mushrooms should asses your level of risk aversion.

Review by Fungi Magazine
Sacred Mushrooms & the Law
by Richard Glen Boire, Esq.
Foreword by Terrance McKenna

SACRED MUSHROOMS were used to assist in visionary states as early as 4000 BC and in religious ceremonies long before the Aztec civilization. Many believe that the mushrooms talk to them, opening up channels of communication with animals and spirit entities.

The First Amendment to the Constitution guaranteed each of us freedom of religious expression. Yet, for all practical purposes, the entheogenic experience -- finding God within -- has been outlawed in the United States, even among indigenous people. In Sacred Mushrooms & the Law attorney Richard Glen Boire, author of the best selling Marijuana Law , provides a much needed review of federal and state law (with cases) regarding the possession and use of sacred mushrooms. The law is an arcane mish-mash that renders nature an illicit drug-lab.

Boire offers a fascinating discourse on cognitive liberty in which he compares the laws criminalizing the use of entheogenic mushrooms to a kind of "Newspeak". In George Orwell's dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Oceania government established Newspeak, a carefully crafted language designed by the government for the purpose of making unapproved modes of thought impossible. Our modern laws that criminalize sacred mushrooms effectively outlaw unapproved states of consciousness—including certain religious ecstatic experiences.

Sacred Mushrooms & the Law reviews federal and state laws relative to psilocybin and psilocin mushrooms, tells how to determine punishments, reveals the profile postal workers use to identify a "drug package", explores possible defenses, and much more.

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