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ISBN 978-1-57951-191-3

$16.95  200 pp

Six Steps to Stand Up to Power
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Six Steps to Stand Up To Power
by Mary Baker

CITIZEN NINJA is for people who want to engage in the civic process but don’t know how and fear being ridiculed and rejected.


>CITIZEN NINJA makes the case for the importance of local activism and civic participation.

>CITIZEN NINJA makes use of James Madison’s four civic virtues—civic knowledge, self-restraint, self-assertion, self-reliance.

CITIZEN NINJA teaches how to exercise civic responsibility in the public arena.

> CITIZEN NINJA provides a step by step guide on how to face the public.

CITIZEN NINJA includes real world narratives to animate the tools and tactics.

CITIZEN NINJA addresses the reasons that deter citizens from sharing their opinions in public.




Millions of Americans sit on the sidelines in apathy, fear, indifference, and ignorance, as politicians and activists change our American values, our behavior, and our perception of government. Using deception, fallacies, and bully tactics, political activists are fundamentally changing our system of governance.


Culprits include Presidential Executive Orders, judicial legislation, and congressional legislative hemorrhaging. Change is also being driven by “New Regional Governance”—a system of governance with regulatory overreach by government agencies, boards and commissions working in “Public Private Partnerships” with an entitled civil society and crony capitalists.


Listening to pundits, reading books, and attending meetings of like-minded individuals is not enough to combat these changes. We concerned patriots must engage and insert our voice in the public arena.


The framers of the Constitution understood that preserving “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” requires a virtuous citizenry. The Constitution was written to protect the people‑you and I‑from an overbearing government. Increasing numbers of Americans are concerned about securing these inalienable rights and want to return to the tried and true processes of our self-governing republic.  To do so, we must engage in civil debate and confront those who seek to change our Constitution and our blessings of liberty.


CITIZEN NINJA explains James Madison’s four civic virtues—Civic Knowledge, Self-Restraint, Self-Assertion, and Self-Reliance. Civic Knowledge includes understanding how our government is structured‑the checks and balances. Simply knowing our rights is not enough. We must also understand our responsibility to act when the government infringes our rights.


In CITIZEN NINJA readers learn that exercising civic duty means engaging the public passionately and professionally, which is challenging. CITIZEN NINJA gives steps to prepare. Self-Restraint is a civic virtue that provides discernment in a given situation.


CITIZEN NINJA offers how to techniques for successful Self-Assertion needed to securing our promised freedoms. Citizen Ninja elected officials and public servants accountable.  A CITIZEN NINJA gives strategies for doing so.


For too many Americans, the civic virtue of Self-Reliance seems a distant dream. As government grows, so do the barriers to engaging in the political process at the local level. CITIZEN NINJA explains how influence derived from civic participation is diminished when elected officials transfer power over to bureaucrats, while agencies acquire the regulatory power once designated to our legislative branch, the


Becoming a Citizen Ninja Exercising is making a choice for liberty. CITIZEN NINJA offers role models for exercising civic virtue--our forefathers, our revolutionary ancestors, and the framers of the Constitution.


CITIZEN NINJA features easy to implement steps to engage civic responsibility to preserve our blessings of liberty. A good selection for libraries, families to discuss over dinner, and anyone concerned about “where we’re going, as a Nation.”

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