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"Chock-full of good ideas, interestingly put together . . . tremendously informative and helpful book."
-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, 
author of Flow: The 
Psychology of 
Optimal Experience

"This book . . . is practical, inspirational, readable, imaginative, non-linear, creative and filled with doable ideas for improving 
your work life."
-John D. Krumboltz,
Stanford University

"Worth reading!!! Very much worth reading."
-Marty Edelson, President,
Boardroom, Inc.

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Finding A Path
With A Heart

How to Go from Burnout to Bliss
Dr. Beverly Potter
Foreword by Michael Toms

eeking excellence was the predominant issue of the '80s, when peak performance gave the competitive edge. Now the challenge is leadership. Since each of us has a personal and unique path we can't find it just by following another person's leadership. To find our own path requires that we learn to lead ourselves. Finding a Path with a Heart shows how to find direction and meaning in your work and your life. The path you are seeking may be a career direction, a project you are working on, or any task where you are trying to find the way from where you are to your completed objective. Beverly Potter shows how you can find your own path, one that is in tune with your values, one that will make your heart sing.

Most leadership guides tell how to take charge of other people. Finding a Path with a Heart, in contrast, shows how to resolve self-leading dilemmas that everyone grapples within today's changing workplace. Employing the latest accelerated learning principles, readers learn to use metaphorical pathfinding "tools," such as Compass (to get one's bearings) and Target (to get one's goals).

Finding a Path with a Heart builds on Potter's classic book, OvercomingJob Burnout , showing how to go beyond job burnout to be creative and successful while envisioning a compelling career path, and bringing personal fulfillment into one's work.

Docpotter defines "bliss" (or joy, ecstasy, happiness) as a positive state of peak performance called the "flow" state, which was studied extensively for 20 years by University of Chicago psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who found that in the flow state people feel at one with what they are doing, action seems effortless, attention is highly focused and performance is optimal. Potter shows how to apply the discoveries about flow to achieve bliss and peak performance while at work.

When you're following your own personal path, you discover what is good for you and what works for you. Each person is unique, and what is blissful for one person may be a burnout for another. Every person is unique, and what helps each person achieve the flow state - or bliss - will also be unique. To find your path to bliss, you must enter uncharted territory. Going into the unknown makes you a pioneer of sorts, and it requires that you develop your skills as a pathfinder.

You must take the lead. No one else is going to find the path that leads to bliss for you. You must lead yourself to find a way to your bliss. The pathfinder is the person who sees the road ahead and the craft of pathfinding is the art and skill of personal leadership. 

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