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Fountains of Youth
How to Live Longer & Healthier
Editors of Ronin Publishing

ife expectancy has increased from 22 years in Roman times to about 75 years today. Many experts believe that it could be extended to 120 years in the future. Fountains of Youth tells readers how to use recent gerontological breakthroughs to extend their lives. Fountains of Youth explains to the reader the constituents of life, our knowledge of their workings, and how to use that knowledge to improve one's health and extend one's life.

Fountains of Youth takes the reader on a tour through the parts of the body where aging is initiated. This is a fantastic journey into several glands and organs that signal the body to age, through the blood stream and immune system, the Jekyll and Hyde of the body that so easily switches from saviour to saboteur. The journey enters the microscopic realm of the living cells and takes a germ's-eye view of the inner workings, then descends even further into the world of atoms and molecules, to give a simplified understanding of life's complex chemistry.

Fountains of Youth is a thorough, practical and reader friendly overview of nutrients, pharmaceuticals, and techniques that help you live younger and longer.

How the aging process is reversed
Nutrition, stress reduction and fasting
Antioxidants and megavitamins
Nucleic Acids and Protein regeneration
Hormone replacement and cell therapy
Herbs and traditional rejuvenators
New anti-aging pharmaceuticals

"Who wants to be that old?" you might ask. Not many would care to hang around if it means being "old" in the sense that we have come to know the word. But what if the aging process could be slowed down and perhaps even reversed? What if we could look and feel like thirty when you are fifty or sixty; like forty when you are seventy of eighty; and better than most people at fifty when you are ninety or a hundred? What if we could avoid the aches, ailments, depression, anxiety, energy loss, and mental and physical deterioration that happen to many people during what are supposed to be the "golden years" of life? In short, what if you could remain throughout those one hundred and twenty years in a state almost as vibrant as when you were young? Would you turn down the chance? 

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