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Future History

The Intelligence Agents
Timothy Leary

THE INTELLIGENCE AGENTS is the fifth and final of Timothy Leary's 'Future History Series' with lots of pictures and ideas to stretch your intelligence! It is a collection of illustrations, memos, and articles written in "future history" that reflect life on planet earth during Leary's lifetime. A work of social, moral, religious and scientific satire, THE INTELLIGENCE AGENTS features articles by and about people who changed the meaning of freedom.

In his free-flowing, chaotic style, Leary recapitulates evolution from the first organism when life began in the Eastern Oriental shorelines. He shows how DNA, the breath of life, chased the Sun Westward towards our neurological destiny. We have migrated from Asia to California, which is the launching pad into space where we will create High Orbital Mini-Earths—H.O.M.E.s. Intelligence Agents have already established homes in future hive colonies. The secret to Intelligence Increase and becoming an Intelligence Agent is to SMI2LE—Space Migration Intelligence Increase Life Extension. Leary’s
acronym "SMI²LE" is a succinct summary of the coming pre-transhumanist transition: SM (Space Migration) + (intelligence increase) + LE (Life extension),

THE INTELLIGENCE AGENTS purports to be articles written from future and past Intelligence Agents, with Leary sending transmissions about his escapades during
asylum in Switzerland. Supposedly written by neuronauts, articles include messages from Carol Rosin, Anise Nun, Henry Marshall, Pauline Kael, Andy Warhol, Susan Kaiser Vogel and many others from Leary’s Genetic Hall of Fame.

THE INTELLIGENCE AGENTS feature futants, a term invented by Leary—future+mutant—and is peppered with theories, ideas, histories, dedications, neurological data, DNA information, cultures of smaller organisms, cultures of cosmic life, evolution of organisms and individuals, occult, philosophy and metaphors. At any given time, one to two percent of the population is genetically programmed to be Evolutionary Scouts. No better or worse than artist, engineer, teacher or any other human proclivity, like scouting honey bees, EvoScouts experience the future, "return" to the human "hive" to do their futant "dance" pointing to the evolutionary direction of greatest potential.  From out of the chaos comes the powerful evolutionary prompt: "Move On!"

THE INTELLIGENCE AGENTS is creatively paradoxical. It sets forth, dogmatically and exclusively, a set of ideas as 'objectively true', while putting forward paradoxical notions that press Readers to take a critical position. Because intelligence rests on a critical thinking,  reading THE INTELLIGENCE AGENTS forces an increase of your intelligence.  THE INTELLIGENCE AGENTS elucidates the concept of the futant role and, most importantly, how the futant can integrate into society—without enduring the fate of a Giordano Bruno, a Tesla........or a Timothy Leary. Evolve Now!


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