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"Wilson is one of the most profound, important, scientific philosophers of this century -- scholarly, witty, hip and hopeful."

-Timothy Leary

"Robert Anton Wilson walks
the tightrope between coincidence and conspiracy
with visionary grace." 
-Paul Krassner 


Looking back, I feel a sense of humble astomishment. I seem to have written a 1990s book in the 1970s....

-Robert Anton Wilson
Illuminati Papers 
Robert Anton Wilson

lluminati Papers asks: Is all of history a vast conspiracy? Cosmic joke? Robert Anton Wilson developed the story of the Illuminati, a conspiracy as old as time itself, as a vehicle to amuse and enlighten. A leading writer and legendary thinker, Wilson's best-selling books, The Illuminatus Trilogy and Cosmic Trigger, have delighted readers the world over.

In the Illuminati Papers, Wilson speaks through characters from his novels and other realities to present his views on our future way of life. Includes such topics as: the HEAD Revolution, Secrets of Evolution, How to Eliminate Stupidity, Illuminati Interoffice Memos, the Position Papers of Hagbard Celine, Economic Liberation, and the usual gang of lunatics, mystics and charlatans clamoring for a New Social Order.

Hey, man, are you using only half your brain? You're pretty hip. We all know that. You can throw an I Ching hexagram and intuit its meaning. You know all about Hedonic Engineering and staying high. You've seen through all the social games. When it comes to the neurosomatic circuit of the brain, and body wisdom, you're a champ. And everybody knows it.

But what about those mysterious left-hemisphere brain functions? Wouldn't you like to learn the secrets of the West, previously known only to the adepts at the esoteric Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies? Strange arts like the Equation, which predicts things before they happen, or the Syllogism, which allows you to test an argument for internal validity? Or wouldn't you like to know how the mysterious Stereo works, or what keeps planes from falling out of the sky?

Imagine trying to live with one eye, or one lung, or one testicle. 

Isn't it equally a handicap to use only half your brain? 

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