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    The most witty of all Oriental mystics translated by the funniest of all American philosophers, who could ask for anything more? Lao Tse and Tim Leary fit together so well I almost believe in reincarnation.

- Robert Anton Wilson


On DNA & The Tao
A Review of Psychedelic Prayers

by Stuart Sovatsky
California Institute of Integral Studies

As a luminous trajectory, starting from Tao wisdom of the 6th Century, BC and landing in the American scene as it enters the 21st Century, Psychedelic Prayers presents us with visions and choices we can no longer ignore. 

- Laura Huxley


Two of my 'oldest' friends:

    Lao Tse and Timothy, deep in conversation - speak with one voice.
    - Ram Dass


    Psychedelic Prayers
    & Other Meditations
    Timothy Leary

    First new edition in 25 years!

  • Introduction - Ralph Metzner
  • Preface - Rosemary Woodruff Leary
  • Bibliogtaphic Preface - Michale Horowitz
  • The only book of Tim's poetry and meditations. Includes never-before-published photograph of Tim with Nanette and Ralph Metzner in front of the Taj Mahal in 1965 as well as drawings from the original handwritten manuscript and rare early editions.

      Features 6 new Tim poems not found in earlier editions.

      New introduction by Ralph Metzner, Tim's Harvard colleague who co-authored The Psychedelic Experience and was hanging out with Tim when he wrote these poems. Metzner describes tripping with Tim and Nanette under the full moon at the Taj and other fond memories.

      Introduction by Rosemary Leary. Tim courted Rosemary by reading her the poems. How could she couldn't resist? Who could! Later they went on the road, reading the poems together to eager audiences. Rosemary tells her story.

      This is a beautiful keepsake edition. All collectors will want a copy


    My objective was to find the seed idea in each Sutra and rewrite it in the lingua franca of psychedelia.
    - Timothy Leary



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