Dr. Timothy Leary

"The counterculture shaman of the hippie generation."

"Inner-space pioneer. Outer-space advocate. Computer enthusiast. Writer. Humorist. A West Point man. An ex-Harvard professor. A former political prisoner. A provocateur extraordinaire. A high cat with Cary Grant style and grace."

William S. Burroughs referred to Timothy Leary as "a true visionary of the potential of the human mind and spirit." Allen Ginsberg has proclaimed him "a hero of American consciousness." Tom Robbins says that Leary is "the Galileo of our age." And, according to Mondo 2000 magazine, Leary is the "MVP (Most Valuable Philosopher) of the 20th Century." Clearly, Dr. Leary's influence has spanned generations and cultures.

In his 27 books and monographs, 250 articles, and more than 100 printed interviews published since the early l950s, Leary has helped define the Humanistic Revolution which has had a huge impact on world culture. His books and papers as a psychologist in the l950s helped launch the emerging "Humanistic Psychology" movement with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships, multilevel personality assessments, group therapy, body/mind interaction, and a libertarian redefinition of the doctor-patient relationship.

During the l960s, Timothy Leary's published research and social activism helped trigger the psychopharmacological and counterculture revolution known as the Psychedelic Movement. During the l970s (in which he spent nearly eight years in prison and exile as a political dissident) Leary's work helped expose the mass mind control police totalitarianism of the Nixon/Reagan/Bush regimes. During the l970s Leary also wrote about space colonization, intelligence increase, and longevity research. During the l980s Leary's autobiography, as well as over 40 essays in various magazines and numerous interviews were published.

Leary's best writing during the '80s and early '90s are brought together in
Chaos & Cyber Culture, a strikingly graphical cyberpulp book/zine published by Ronin in 1994. Timothy Leary's most important book,
High Priest, redefined the psychedelic experience as an empowering spiritual development and thereby spawned the enduring New Age movement. High Priest is now available again for the first time in 25 years in a beautiful new edition from Ronin Publishing.

Timothy Leary's Ultimate Trip
(before his passing)

Dr. Timothy Leary, Harvard psychologist, counterculture philosopher, and psychedelic turned cyberdelic guru, has announced that his death is near -- and he's looking forward to it. After just recently announcing his diagnosis of terminal cancer, he has come forward to say, "...How you die is the most important thing you ever do." He's approaching death the same way he's always faced life -- like a rebel.

Recent print reports have appeared in the New York Times, L A Times, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, the San Francisco Chronicle, and People, all quoting Leary as "eager and enthusiastic" about his final exit. News media programs such as the NBC Today Show, CNN, and the Fox Network have aired or taped interviews with Dr. Leary. A full length documentary,Timothy Leary's Ultimate Trip, is being produced for broadcast TV and home video. Interscope, the producers of the DOORS movie, is producing a film biography of Leary.

Leary's enthusiasm never seems to wane, even on the taboo subject of his death. Never one to turn down an audience, Dr. Leary invites people to join in the conversation regarding his impending death, saying, "...I love topics the Establishment says are taboo." And ever the lighthearted soul, Leary's search for an ideal death has helped keep him vibrant. "I've been thinking about this for so many years, and now it's real," he says with much gusto. Leary has always advocated living creatively, without boundaries or inhibitions. This is his last jaunt through this world, and he continues to extol the virtues of having an open mind and being unafraid of the inevitable. "I'm looking forward to the most fascinating experience in life, which is dying," says Leary. "You've got to approach your dying the way you live your life - with curiousity, with hope, with fascination, with courage and with the help of your friends."


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