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"Valuable lessons about how to survive in a world that is full of change." 

Sacramento Bee


I just pulled out one of my most favorite books ever written and one which has influenced and directed my life for many years - your book "The Way of the Ronin". Now in my 42nd non linear path in the retail automobile business , I realize just how much your advise has shaped and helped me formulate my game plan. Last month I successfully delivered 32 retail Honda automobiles (average salesman nationally does 12 per month) ! Two years ago I won the number one salesperson satisfaction spot out of 1500 plus advisors in my zone with a score of 99.8%. It was eight years ago I fore went management aspirations (in various management positions for 35 years) in order to better self direct and travel the Ronin path. I experienced continued sales and personal growth every year and maintain a wonderful client base and personal interpersonal friendly facilitator status with all my clients. All this in a down economy. All the knowledge gained through experience and overcoming adversity due to handling change as suggested in your wonderful book have lead me to this point. I just would like to say Thank You for writing "The Way of the Ronin" as relevant today as it was revolutionary when you first published it! Peace and Love,

 -- Christopher Cole
(Pat Colucci)

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The Way of the Ronin
Riding the Waves of Change

Dr. Beverly Potter

Ronin or "wave men" were masterless warriors in 18th century Japan, whose success depended solely on their wit and skill. Ronin careers strategy are based on versatility, independence, initiative and savvy. Rather than focusing on a narrow career path, Ronin build a wide-range of skills, multiplying the career options they can chose from. 

The Way of the Ronin offers an inspiring alternative to the linear, ladder-climbing mentality of the corporate world. The book provides strategies to escape from "corporate feudalism" and, instead, thrive on change and create opportunities in the workplace.

As the society transforms its industrial base to an information base, organizations must find ways to revitalize and innovate. The Way of the Ronin lays a previously uncharted path to a corporate renaissance. Blending the ideas of philosophers, trend watchers, and the latest research management experts with the technology of behavioral psychology, Beverly Potter shows how to establish yourself on the cutting edge of that renaissance.

Ronin look like other people. The difference is in attitude and life planning strategy. They do ronin

Ronin project an aura of autonomy, of being guided from a center within. They take command and direct their lives. 

Ronin don't just react to change; they take the initiative and direct their futures.

Ronin do not believe it is possible to find security in one job, in one place, doing one thing. Guided by the belief that change is the only constant, 

Ronin develop skills, attitudes, and habits of mind that become adaptable instruments of continuous change and growth.

In times of transition, a Ronin archetype appears as part of the ongoing cycle of stagnation and rebirth. With the Ronin lies hope for a corporate Renaissance, because they have the potential to stimulate innovation and revitalize the corporation.

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