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Living Traditions Review

Alternatives to Involuntary Death

Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary is at it again—  challenging taboos. This time it is DEATH. Tim says that our fears have been programmed to keep us submissive to Authority. He asks: “Why should we died involuntarily?” and gives us alternatives to involuntary death.

     Let us have no more pious wimpy talk about death. The time has come to talk cheerfully and joke sassily about personal responsibility for managing the dying process. Dying is the most fascinating experience in life. Approach dying the way you live your life—with curiosity, hope, experimentation, and a little help from your friends. Design your own death!  The is nothing worse than a factory assembly line death.  The dying process is on of total liberation. 

    Tim offers options for Re-Creational Dying.  Reprogram and take navigational control of dying. Install your own pre-mortem plan for immortality. Brain preservation is an option, which includes cloning, cryonic suspension, and brain banking. There is also DNA storage.

     Electronic immortality is within reach of anyone with a camera and computer. Author your life and create an immortality portfolio for personality data-base transmission.

     Immortality is the next scientific frontier. Mind-Consciousness to computer transfer.  Become an up-load. There are many benefits—no need to eat, for example. This is a step to becoming posthuman. Future beings, who may not have any physical form, will reside in the Matrix.

     If you de-animate, there are numerous options.  Mummification preserves DNA along with appearance.  Cryonic suspension is an option if you hope to be re-animated sometime in the future.