ISBN 978-1-57951-010-7
160 pages

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Amazing Dope Tales
Stephen Gaskin
Foreword by Spider Robinson 

Hippy Spiritual Teacher Stephen Gaskin - "Stephen" - mesmerized flower children weekly at the Family Dog Auditorium in San Francisco when he talked of tripping and taught hippy values during the weekly "Monday Night Class". Stephen hosted three outrageous acid tripping parties on top of Mt. Tamp when LSD was still legal on certain government lands.

Stephen and his cohorts set off in 50 painted buses to find the land, when they founded "The Farm" , an alterntiave lifestyle community that has continued for over 30 years. In Amazing Dope Tales, Stephen tells his experiences with psychedelics, telepathy, and magic in brief, compelling stories. He explores the flowering of new age spiritualism and the dangerous, transformational powers of psychedelics.


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