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Isbn : 978-1-57951-193-7

360 pages  $24.95

Massively illustrated


FYI: Negative reviews on Amazon are posted by angry Barringtonians - so read with a grain of cannabis!!!!!
Animal House on Acid
The Barrington Hall Saga
A Memoir

Dr. Beverly Potter

Berkeley's Barrington Hall held fast to the culture of sex, drugs, and pink rock and clung to the sanctity of individual expression. Known internationally for live punk rock, LSD parties called "wine dinners" featuring LSD-spiked wine punch, open drug use, heroin over-doses, crashers, under-age run-aways, raucous parties, kids going off the four-story roof, disputes with neighbors and investigations by the City Council.  Packed with side stories, such as the dope book publishers suing the dope den. 

ighlights punk rock bands that played at Barrington, like the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Flipper, Primus, Acid Rain, and others. Includes birth of The Slingshot, a radical newspaper that started in Barrington, and much more.

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