Copyright 2000: Beverly Potter

A Good Fit

Seeker: Why am I dissatisfied when I reached a goal I've worked hard to achieve?

Shaman Woman: Goals look beautiful when written out on paper, like a pair of fancy shoes in a store window.  You admire their style and dream of how wonderful it would be to wear those fancy shoes on your journey through life.

Seeker:  But new shoes pinch my toes!

Shaman Woman: Yes, exactly!  A shoe must be a good fit if it is to be of use.  Fancy shoes that pinch your toes hobble you so you can hardly walk.

Seeker: What should I do?

Shaman Woman:  Find shoes that fit you well, like the comfortable ones in the back of your closet.  Wearing those shoes adds confidence to your journey which makes it easier to walk the trails and climb over the rocks.

Seeker:  Do you mean that goals should fit like comfortable shoes?

Shaman Woman: Yes.  when a goal is a good fit, it is molded to youóyour values, your loves and dreamsóthen you easily achieve the steps to your goal, while having a joyous journey.

Copyright 2000: Beverly Potter, from High Performance Goal Setting: Using Intuition to Conceive & Achieve Your Dreams by Dr. Beverly Potter, Ronin Publishing.  All rights reserved.