96 pp, illustrated 
ISBN 1-57951-054-X 

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"exceptionally valuable . . . thoroughly researched and well-written."

--Bascome J. Wilson
Exec Dir, DERA
Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Response Assoc.


Fire Safety quizzes, checklists and safety tips.

Be Fire Safe!
Steven Shepard, Ph.D.
Fires Kill. People are the biggest cause of fires.  Learn how to spot hazards and correct them to make your home fire-safe and escape-ready. 

Reading this book could save the lives of your family -- and you! Learn simple things you can do to protect yourself from fire.

If you get trapped in a fire, do you know the safest places to hide? And the places to never hide?


H ow to avoid fires

Conduct home fire drills

Eliminate hazards n your yard

Make your home escape-ready

Get the right fire extinguishers

Put smoke detectors in the right place

Prepare a home disaster kit

Where to hide if trapped by a fire

Recognize lingering trauma

Handle your insurance company

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