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Cannabis for Seniors

Author: Beverly A. Potter, PhD

In the history of the United States, there have been few topics as controversial as marijuana. Opinions on the plants have been rapidly changing in the U.S., which is why books like this are being written and enjoyed freely. This book is not propaganda; it is a genuinely helpful and informational look at marijuana and all of the ways the plant can help our aging population. Before you write this book off as nothing more than a way to convince your grandpa that weed isn’t that bad, you should probably look inside these pages. First of all, Cannabis for Seniors isn’t written by a high school drug dealer. In fact, it is written by a Ph.D. whose last name happens to be Potter. While her full name is Beverly Potter, she goes by Docpotter. This particular book is aimed at seniors and how marijuana use can help them physically and mentally, but there is a lot of general information here, too, about the benefits of marijuana use by anyone. Docpotter uses medical sources, which she cites, to write compelling arguments for why all of our grandparents should be toking. From mental health to physical ailments, marijuana can help, and it’s all in this book.

Docpotter has published many books on the subject, and it shows in both her structure and knowledge. This book is written in a straightforward factual form that you would expect from a textbook with cited sources and a bibliography. Again, this shows that this book is rooted in science and not Refer to Madness. The first ⅔ of the book lays out the argument for why seniors should use marijuana and its many benefits, but the last third may be the most beneficial for many seniors. There might be a lot of seniors out there who still remember their Haight-Ashbury days fondly but maybe don’t know all the ways marijuana can be used. The last part of this book has helpful recipes for using the plant to create treatments like salves, poultices, and balms.

Whether you are an active marijuana user or simply interested in what it can do for you, this book is a must-read. While it is targeted toward seniors, everyone who is curious about the medicinal benefits of marijuana will enjoy Cannabis for Seniors. The book is written so informative and down-to-earth that even the staunchest anti-marijuana advocate will have to soften their opinion a little. Buy this book for yourself or give it to a senior in your life, but every family should have a copy to pass around.

- Arthur Thares

Cannabis for Seniors
Title: Cannabis for Seniors
Author: Beverly A. Potter, Ph.D.
Publisher: Ronin Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-57951-242-2
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pages: 203
Reviewed by: Arthur Thares