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Dr. Raeleen Mautner

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A well written, exceptionally clear book that will help many people with their weight reduction problems. Includes some of the main findings of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy accurately and simply stated for willing readers.
 - Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
 Albert Ellis Institute, New York City
author of 
A Guide to Rational Living


Change Your Mind 
Change Your Weight
Dr. Raeleen D'Agostino Mautner
Preface by Brad Schoenfeld

Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight tells what it takes to reach the healthy, sensible weight - no holds barred. 

Being overweight has negative physical and psychological ramifications. Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder  What goes on in your head has a huge influence on your slimming down and staying slim.  The key to weight-loss success lies in the way you think, and what you tell yourself when times get rough.

Reacting negatively to weight-loss setbacks leads to a state of psychological helplessness - a kind of mental inertia that leads to anxiety and depression and sabotages your efforts to lose weight. Learning to react to setbacks with rational optimism - remaining positive while maintaining a strong foothold in reality - lays the foundation for success.  When you prove to yourself that setbacks are just temporary and surmountable, they lose the power to unravel you. 

Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight shows that there is something that you can do to slim down once and for all! You will learn how to:
Change your attitude with  rational optimism
Assess your readiness to lose weight
Select a realistic weight loss plan
Tailor  your weight-loss goals
Get back on track after a setback
Give your motivation a boost
Argue with negativity & why
Resist temptation
And much more . . . . 
.... the book to tell you "what’s next".... offers a sensible plan of action for combating the battle of the bulge .... an excellent job ... acts as your own personal weight loss coach, helping you conquer the psychological aspects of losing weight....
 - Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS
author of 
Look Great Naked  & 
Sculpting Her Body Perfect

"This joyous book offers the dieter and would-be dieter a specific psychological plan for managing his or her thoughts, moods,and behavior in a way that helps him or her start and stick with a diet and overcome backsliding. Complex cognitive-behavioral concepts interwoven in the text are presented in a simple, comprehensible, accessible fashion, helping the dieter take control of his or her food intake and develop a life-long healthy relationship with food and eating. Useful tips come tumbling down throughout as Dr. Mautner becomes your guide and companion in the difficult but doable task ahead. I know this book worked for me. Two chapters into it and I stopped eating at night and between meals, and felt good about myself and my accomplishment. If you are struggling with losing weight, don't miss this. Highly recommended. "
- Martin Kantor, MD
Psychiatrist & Author
 New York, N.Y 


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