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Change your Brain.

The Brain is the key.

The Brain is the source.

Everything that humans do is Neuroecology.

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Change Your Brain
Timothy Leary

From his earliest days as a young psychologist, Timothy Leary was obcessed with the "scientizing" of internal experiences - often called psychological, spiritual, mystical, visionary, subjective, mental, sensory, esthetic-erotic, emotional and religious.  Virtually all of Leary's work was focused on "demystifying the software of human experience." He used the time honored scientific tool of objectifying - relating external changes to changes in the brain.

Change Your Brain follows Leary in his purpose to increase our freedom and to give the Human Singularity - as he called the individual - power over our internal experiences.  In his words, Leary accomplished this feat by: working the tissue frontiers, the membrane borders where the external traffics with the internal; where the outside world interfaces the antennae of the nervous system.

Early on Leary discovered the importance of the brain-change-drug option.  "From middle-class Valium addicts, to 'reward-yourself-with-a-beer-after-work' drinkers to potheads, millions of Americans have caught on that brain function can be changed by one simple behavior - putting a specified chemical into your body.

Timothy Leary "observed the effect of those who tripped and those who did not - and the collision between the two swarms." Change Your Brain describes Leary's professional odyssey from a psychedelic conference in Copenhagen to being thrown out of Harvard and subjected to the "Sernmetwels Treatment."  He takes the reader on a tour of his research with convicts.  You discover that it was Leary who first used game theory to describe human behavior and social dynamics. 

A fascinatingtale.




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