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The most eloquent examination of the wonders and dangers of drug use that I
have ever read

TRIP Magazine


Parents and teens should read this book together! 

SF Chronicle

Drugs are good, except when they are bad

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Confessions of a Dope Dealer
Sheldon Norberg

An All-American ODDyssey, a deeply intimate portrait that takes the reader into the mysterious and hidden world of drug dealing, and on a critical investigation of the factors that draw us all into drug use in a society that stands so hypocritically against them. 

Confessions of a Dope Dealer is perhaps the most academic treatise and history of drug use written by someone from the supply side. It is an honest accounting of a life lived, without being maudlin or reactionary about the near-inevitable sufferings that come with such a life. Norberg’s life acts as a model for him to analyze how our cultural values and underlying drug use styles create a foundation for misuse of every drug that comes along.  At the same time, Norberg's extensive research into the history transpersonal psychology, shamanism and psychedelic therapies give him the clarity of purpose to discuss the place of drugs in society, which he does with great aplomb, recognizing that "Drugs Are Tools, Not Toys!

Confessions of a Dope Dealer has been hailed as "a must read for parents and teens," as well valuable to young adults, therapists, people seeking interesting spiritual insights, or simply desiring a good read. Norberg's intention, to promote awareness about drug use and its potentials on mental-
physical-psychological-spiritual health, has been commended from all corners.

Confessions of a Dope Dealer is also a solo-performance that Sheldon is touring to colleges and theaters throughout America and Canada, along with lectures on the History of Drugs, and Harm Reduction.

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