Cover photo by Steve Alexander

ISBN 1-57951-019-1 

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Ruben Uriarte

Peter Sorensen

Steve Alexander

Freddie Silva

Busty Taylor

BLT Research Team
offers a packet of information on their research 
for a modest fee and is seeking field workers. 
To inquire or to report a new formation,
contact:  Nancy Talbott

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Crop Circles
Carolyn North

Photos by 
Ruben Uriarte, Peter Sorensen, Steve Alexander, Busty Taylor

Diagrams by 
Freddie Silva, Sara Glasser

Science photos by
Nancy Talbott of BLT Reaearch Team, Inc.

Each year when crops are maturing, thousands of amazing designs appear in farmer's fields around the world, with most in southern England near Stonehenge and other archeological sites.

The mathematical precision and intricacy of the designs increases in complexity and beauty with each growing season—as if whatever is creating the circles is evolving.  How the formations are formed and why is a mystery of our time.

Are they caused by UFOs? A force within the earth? Divine powers? Do they contain messages? What is going on here?

Crop Circles is a fascinating introduction, filled with photos and diagrams of these beautiful formations contributed by leading croppies.


photographed by Ruben Uriarte.
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