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CyberPunks CyberFreedom: 
Change Reality Screens
by Timothy Leary

with Cyberpunk Manifesto
by Kristiyan Kirchev

Basically, we humans are brains with bodies designed to move our brains around-bodies equipped with sensory input and output ports bringing information into our a hundred billion neuron biocomputer brains.  Back in the Roaring 20th Century, Timothy Leary, the visionary fugitive philosopher, _grocked_ that personal computers are transforming our brains into output organs emitting, discharging digital information through the Terrariun window into Screenland. The Screen is the revolving glass door through which our brains both receive and emit signals. 

Reboot Your Brain

As we locomote in Cyberia our brains are learning how to exhale and inhale in the datasphere-to beam our brain waves into the Cyberia of electronic realities, to think and play and work and communicate and create at the basic 0/1 level. Screenland frees our right brains to imagineer digital dreams, visions, fictions, concoctions, hallucinatory adventures. 

Change Reality Screens

Our brains are only in operation when they are slamming bytes and bits of information back and forth-multimedia communication. They want to hook up with other brains. In the future, we will don cyberwear to swim, float, navigate through the oceans of electronic data as we link in thrilling cyber exchanges with others who we may never meet in person. Work and creating will take place in Screenland. Taking off our cyberwear to confront another human brain with naked eyeballs will be a precious personal appearance.

Think For Yourself

Cyberia can free or enslave us. Those who control our screens, program the realities we inhabit. Law-and-order systems trivialize and demonize concepts of Self as dangerous-personal freedom, individual aims, personal knowledge and self-expression. Leary warns that if we are to be free, we need to learn how to operate our biocomputer brain power-how to boot up our brains and create our own reality screens!!!  CyberPunks-self-directed, rule-breaking, cyberfreedom seekers-question authority and think for themselves  The CyberPunk Manifesto by Christian A. Kirtchev calls cyberfreedom seekers to action. 

Question Authority

The eternal philosophy of chaos says we can engineer that rather than fear chaos. Hindu sages and Buddhists were the first chaos engineers who taught: BE Cool. Don't panic. Chaos is good. Chaos creates infinite possibilities. Change reality screens-look within for divinity.

Reboot Your Brain Often.
Change Your Reality Screen.
Imagineer Your Own Reality.

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