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“If there is a cartographer of altered states of consciousness—of the highways and byways of the inner trip it is John Lilly—a rare combination of scientist and mystic.
—Psychology Today


In the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true or becomes true.  In the province of the mind, there are no limits.






Center of the Cyclone
Looking into Inner Space
John C. Lilly, M.D.

A new-age classic, CENTER OF THE CYCLONE is finally available again after years of being out of print.  The account takes the reader behind the scenes into the inner life of a scientist exploring inner space. Using personal experiments in solitude, isolation, and confinement, Scientist turned mystic, Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D., shares how he arrived at his ground-breaking theory of the interaction between the mind and the brain.  He describes how he employed LSD, mysticism, and other catalysts to explore the inner spaces of human consciousness. Lilly leads the reader through unusual experiences in “far-out” spaces and demonstrates how we can program such spaces and experiences through self-metaprogramming.

In the course of this research Lilly discovered of the presence of minds and intelligences greater than human on Earth and in the universe. In CENTER OF THE CYCLONE he describes how to communicate with these advanced intelligences and how to learn to open to new sources of information furnished by such entities to allow them to program our lives into higher states of consciousness.

Readers discover a scientific explanation of how the mind operates in the LSD states and other special states of consciousness, however achieved. CENTER OF THE CYCLONE has meaning for those interested in special states of consciousness, for psychologists and psychiatrists interested in the inner frontiers, and for mystical seekers. Lilly’s frankness is refreshingly objective and dispassionate.

The center of the cyclone is that rising quiet central low-pressure place in which one can learn to live eternally.

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