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Strange Places & Odd Phenomena
in the Golden State

by Mike Matinacci

EERIE CALIFORNIA is filled with stories of strange phenomena, odd places and weird beings in the Golden State—describes haunted houses and the sites of unexplained events from the Dark Watchers and ghostly women-in-white to bizarre beasts like Bigfoot and Billewhack. Discover painted caves, petroglyphs drawings, rocks that move on their own, and odd drawings of human figures in the desert sand only visible from the air.

    EERIE CALIFORNIA poses many questions to muse upon. Does Johnny Johnson’s ghost haunt the Toys R Us? How many rooms are there in the Winchester Mystery House? Whose ghost haunts Nob Hill?

    EERIE CALIFORNIA is a wonderful introduction to little known, often  inexplicable, historical events in the Golden State. A wonderful, fun book for parents to share with kids. Great gift and addition to any library.

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