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Entheogens, Myth
& Human Consciousness

Carl Ruck, PhD
Mark Hoffman

Myths about eternity and spirituality are rooted in the mystical experiences caused by entheogens—plants that, when ingested, inspire “the god within,” which the ancients took as evidence of the existence of gods or God outside themselves. In ENTHEOGENS, MYTH & HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, authors Greek Scholar Carl A. P. Ruck and researcher Mark Hoffman argue that myths at the root of religion emerged from experiments with such psychoactive plants, also called hallucinogens. Psychoactive mushrooms and other plants brought visions that the ancients took as communication with gods or God. 

From the ancient Paleolithic Age to the 19th Century, from Mormons to modern Scientologists, seekers after truth have often turned to rituals employing entheogens to expand consciousness and bring themselves into communion with something larger than themselves.

ENTHEOGENS, MYTH & HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS explains why so many mythologies and religions tell similar stories—and how those tales of psychoactive sacraments are part of common cultural references, from the head of the Medusa to the Norse gods' powers to Mozart's "The Magic Flute" to Alice's adventures in Wonderland.

Sure to be controversial and much talked about, ENTHEOGENS, MYTH & HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS tells the truths behind multiple belief systems from antiquity to the modern world—and points the way for readers to raise their own consciousness in the future.