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Counter Intelligence
Makes us Stupid



Evolutionary Agents
Timothy Leary

EVOLUTIONARY AGENTS is Timothy Leary's vision of future history.  As a philosopher and ethologist, he studied and developed models of the human as a species.

It's not survival of the fittest.
It's the evolution of the fastest in the Human Race.

Within every gene pool there are certain individuals who are catalysts, stimulating mutation and migration.  These Evolutionary Agents chart the path to the future of the species.  They prefabricate future visions, encourage migration, and teach mastery of the nervous system as an instrument to attain immortality and extraterrestial existence.  They are best described as Out-Castes - they are cast out, thrown forward, pushed up above and beyond contemporary realities.  They may endure long periods of quiescence, obscurity and even disgrace.  As evolution accelerates increasing numbers of Evolutionary Agents are emerging.

Mobility is the key to increased intelligence.
All suffering is caused by 
being in the wrong place -- move!

Intelligence is not a matter of I.Q. but of DNA.  The aim of DNA is to increase intelligence - I-Square. Leary shows how mobility is the classic stimulus for increased intelligence.  Pointing out that we live on a spinning planet, Leary likens the Earth to an evolving brain and explains that as the species moved West, it became smarter.  The human race is the race to the West.  America is the genetic frontier.  Mobility is nobility.  East is behind us - the past; West is before us - the future.

Your brain is God.
Your brain creates your own reality.

The brain is emerging from the closet.  It is frightening to every static, comfortable society to realize that you carry around behind your forehead a 100 billion-cell bioelectric computer that creates realities.

The only smart thing to do is to get smarter.

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