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Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

by "Hans"

Growing Marijuana Hydroponically shows how to grow marijuana indoors utilizing the Sea of Green Perpetual Harvest process adapted by Hans to a "cottage" approach.

The Sea of Green Perpetual Harvest is the simplest, quickest method for hydroponic mariuan cultivation. The time required to produce perpetual buds of marijuana is reduced dramatically because the process elimates the need to grow an entire plant.  Instead only amazing mega-buds are growing—perpetually!

Growing Marijuana Hudroponically includes a day-to-day, week-to-week description of the Hans "cottage" hydroponic gardening technique—in non-technical language.

Grow room set-up

Air circulation

Seed germination


Water health


Ebb & Flow



Determining gender

Blooming & harvesting

And more . . . .

Hydroponic cultivation is especially good for growing marijuana for medical use because it produces a harvest of organic chemical-free marijuana with sweet-tasting smoke.


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