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Heal Yourself!
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Heal Yourself!
How to Harness Placebo Power

Beverly A. Potter, PhD
Mark J. Estren
, PhD

Your body WANTS to be well! And you can help it stay healthy—or return to wellness—by harnessing the powerful Placebo Effect. Neither doctors nor drugs heal—they just keep symptoms at bay so your body can heal itself. There are dozens of ways to turn on your body’s innate healing abilities—which HEAL YOURSELF! explains in detail.


Doctors have long known that about 30% of patients in clinical trials get better even when given a placebo—a sugar pill. This Placebo Effect frustrates doctors, because they do not understand it, so they discount it as meaningless. But you can make it work for you! Believing that a treatment will help is the key to turning on the Placebo Effect to keep yourself in good health—or to return you to health after illness or injury.


Every cell in your body tends toward wellness—at a level below thinking, in the non-conscious mind. HEAL YOURSELF! shows how to communicate with your cells at that deep, basic non-conscious level, in effect “telling” your cells—which is where healing takes place—to regenerate and move back to balance, what has been called “remembered wellness.” HEAL YOURSELF! provides specific, easy-to-learn techniques to help you turn on the Placebo Effect: relaxing, breathing deeply, listening to specific kinds of music, meditating, feeling gratitude, forgiving, laughing, practicing Qi Gong and many more. A great book for anyone who feels stressed and time-pressed and is convinced there must be a better way than pills and doctor visits to stay healthy or return to health. There IS a better way: you can HEAL YOURSELF!

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