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HEALING HOUSES uses current models of physics to explain how energy patterns of previous inhabitants affect current residents. HEALING HOUSES details the intuitive processes author Sheldon Norberg uses to shift these patterns and restore energetic balance.
       As a professional psychic,  Norberg  heals houses where the death, disease, or trauma of a prior residents left ghosts,  rationally inexplicable phenomena, and physically palpable sensations to haunt the homes. Norberg presents a broad cross-cultural perspective  and gives readers basic meditations for working on their own homes.

“Sheldon has a unique intuitive skill set—the ability to
detect and identify aberrant energy patterns held within a space. Along with this, he has formulated a process to shift these patterns and induce clarity.
Some intuitives heal people—Sheldon heals houses.”
—Francesca McCartney, PhD
Author, Body of Health: The New Science of Intuition Medicine®
Founder, Academy of Intuition Medicine®
& Energy Medicine University

Praise for Sheldon Norberg’s  Work

    …thoroughly enjoyable reading.
                                    — ALA Booklist

    …an absorbing and nuanced meditation.
                                    — New York Magazine

    …offers perspectives seldom
heard in the mainstream.

                                    — New York Times