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Michael Starks 
is author of

  • Psychedelic Chemistry
  • History of Psychoactive Plants
  • History of Drugs in the Movies
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Marijuana Chemistry, 2ed
Genetics, Processing & Potency
Michael Starks

Marijuana Chemistry explains the psychoactive constituents of cannabis, and the effect of growth conditions, harvesting and processing, and methods of ingestion on potency.

Starks discusses smoking versus eating; species and variations of cannabis, seed variations, grafting, cloning, bonsai marijuana plants, and other special growing techniques; essential oils, potent preparations for smoking, drinking and eating; and legal concerns.

Marijuana Chemistry is a comprehensive resource that covers 

    Constituents and their effects

    Variations in THC and CBD content

    Growth conditions and potency

    Variation in content of noncannabinoids

    Preparation of marijuana and hashish

    Extraction of THC and preparation of hash oil


    Testing for THC and CBD content

    And much more

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