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Marijuana Food 

offers protection 
from nerve gas .

Cannabis protects 
the brain.

Food preparation instructions
from Bill Drake.

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Bill Drake

The Marijuana Food Handbook
For the Sensuous Connoisseur
by William Drake
author of the bestselling 
Cultivator's Handbook of Marijuana
True sensuality calls for equal parts imagination, skill, art and technique. 

Itís often been said that the most sensitive organ of sensuality is the brain. It follows that anything enhancing our brainís ability to enjoy life will enhance our entire existence. 

Marijuana has been appreciated for thousands of years for its ability to elevate the mind from ordinary experience into the profound. For many smoking marijuana is an essential part of our sensual nature. 

In The Marijuana Food Handbook youíll learn how to extend this appreciation of the finer aspects of life into another dimension - the realm of marijuana as sensual cuisine.

Beyond the pleasurable aspect of marijuana there is the new/old realization that the sacred herb has a central role to play in healing bodies that have gone sick. 

In The Marijuana Food Handbook youíll learn many of the small but vital tricks that can enhance your marijuana experience and, as a result, enhance your ability to enjoy your life and liberty, and your pursuit of happiness - even through the dark valley of illness.

If  your life would be better . . . . .

if you could enjoy a high smoke-free walk in the mountains or deep into the woods

if you could give a sensual marijuana oil massage to someone you love

if you could get rid of the nausea, the pain and the lack of desire that plague victims of contemporary medical  "treatments"

if you could make luscious holiday gifts that keep on giving long after the celebration

if you could prolong sexual pleasure without stinking up the bedroom with smoke

if you could pack a picnic lunch that will take you and your companions beyond the beyond

if you could get high with your friends without attracting attention from the neighbors

if you could enjoy getting high without getting addicted. . . . . .

Well then, my friend, you will surely enjoy The Marijuana Food Handbook

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