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Richard Glen Boire, Esq.

Kevin Feeney, Esq.

Dr. Frank Lucido

Dr. Dale Gieringer

 Throwing the Book at Marijuana

by Steven Martinez

If you use marijuana to ease nausea, pain and other side effects of life with HIV, Medical Marijuana Law (by attorneys Richard Glen Boire and Kevin Feeney, $14.95, is an indispensable guide. Chapters cover the legalities of Qualifying Conditions, Dealing With Cops, obtaining medical marijuana and other burning issues, such as: what to do when state and federal laws conflict.

Medical Marijuana Law
Richard Glen Boire, Esq. 
Kevin Feeney, Esq.  
A practical tactical manual for patients and their families, caretakers, physicians, law enforcement, and cannabis activitist. Describes federal and state laws and how they conflict -- protection under state law is not federal protection, for example -- and gives the specific requirements for lawfully using medical marijuana under various state laws. Boire and Feeney explain "medical necessity" and how patients might use this defense to protect themselves in states without medical marijuana laws.



  • Qualifying conditions
  • How to become a caretaker
  • How to find a doctor
  • Forms of medial marijuana
  • Obtaining medical marijuana
  • Life as a patient
  • Patient rights & responsibilities
  • Physician rights & responsibiities

In the Preface, Dr. Frank Lucido, a primary care physician who may recommend medical marijuana when other treatments have failed, stresses the importance of doctors adhering to the high standards expected from physicians and offers guidelines for doing so. Dr. Dale Gieringer, State Coordinator of California NORML and a coauthor of California's medical marijuana initiative known as "Prop. 215" describes the potential perils facing medical marijuan providers and provides advice for minimizing legal risks. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) shares their model medical marijuana law.

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