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and misfits migrate first!

Paul Davids, author of Foreward

Paul Davids is an artist and movie producer who directed the documentary film Timothy Leary's Dead and produced and directed the movies Roswell.


By Timothy Leary
Foreword by Paul Davids

We humans evolve through eight circuits. In the 1960s we entered the 6th circuit—Rapture—as we embraced sexual liberation, sensual training, hedonic dress, massage and eroticization of art. Sensory pleasure and luxury constitute the biggest business in the West today.

Human life is not measured by the life span of body cells, which die and regenerate, but by the duration of the nervous system. We are our nervous systems and our nervous systems are evolving. The body is the car; the nervous system is the driver. Discovering the body as an instrument of freedom and pleasure is like finding out that a car can be used for pleasure driving.

Auto-mobile! Joy-ride your body!

In Musings on Human Metamorphoses Leary shows how we are evolving to the point where our world is simply too small and too stifling to contain us. Time migrate! Migration always proceeds from East to West. This is the essence of "Spin Psychology".

How much future can you harness
into your life right now?

Mal-contents, mutants and misfits migrate first. The first waves of migrants always represent extremes of individualism. Mutants disturb the core culture. Migration is an escape value. Now there is no where to go up—into space. Every society creates agents who jump ship and create new gene pools.

When faced with evolutionary challenges such as these, we get smarter faster. Not everyone is at the same evolutionary stage as you. So while it may seem like we communicate, we actually interact across "reality gulfs".

Everybody has a favorite reality.

Musings on Human Metamorphoses doesn’t stop with these provocative notions. Leary speculates that cosmic gardeners may have planted DNA-seeds throughout the universe—a theory known as "panspermia". DNA is raw intelligence and contains the blueprint of higher consciousness.

Evolve or Die!

Musings on Human Metamorphoses is a fascinating speculation upon our place in the universe. Readers who associate Leary solely with psychedelic exploration will discover a new provocative Timothy Leary.

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