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Patriots Handbook
by Beverly A. Potter

America was founded on principles, a creed—ideas about freedom, human dignity, and social responsibility—making it unique among nations. What makes America exceptional is our system of federalism with checks and balances to prevent any faction from becoming too powerful.

Many are politically illiterate, yet their votes count as much as literate votes. Politicians know that an uninformed public is easy to sway and direct their campaigns towards apathetic and ignorant voters who outnumber the informed. So demagogues always win as the American people are effectively deprived of the right to self-government.

It is in the region of ignorance
that tyranny begins.

—Benjamin Franklin

America is a republic, not a pure democracy. As a republic, we adhere to the Rule of Law—the Constitution. Our strict Constitution is the only thing between us and the mob rule of pure democracy, which can be extreme, even unfair, and abusive to the minority.

Democracies are unstable. If not diligently maintained, democracy tends to evolve from limited government to the total rule of an oligarchy—a dictatorship.

The Declaration of Independence says that should the government become abusive and tyrannical, it is not just the right of the people, but it is our duty to overthrow and replace such a government.

The Patriots Handbook tells the Constitutional tools available to States and to We the People for pushing big government back. Discover how repealing the 17th Amendment will return power to the States and why we need to bring God back.

To survive as a Shining City on the Hill and the last great hope for freedom, then we must become educated in the workings of our amazing, beloved system. We must take back America.

The Patriots Handbook is offered towards this effort. Read and then pass it on—one small step for America.