ISBN 978-1-57951-190-6

194 pages   $24.95

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Michael Valentine Smith

How to Make Drugs

Long out-of-print and impossible to find—now available again.

  • Marijuana:THC and Analogs
  • Magic Mushrooms and other Analogs
  • Mescaline and Friends
  • Harmaline and other Beta Carbolines
  • Muscimole and other Isoxazoles
  • LSD
  • Cocaine
  • Miscellaneous Psychedelics
  • Literature and Chemical Hints
  • Miscellany and Underground Laboratories
  • Role of the DEA Laboratories in Drug Busts
  • DEA watch list of chemicals

And more!  This book is the biggest, best and most complete book ever written on how to manufacture psychedelic drugs!!!