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Synopsis of

The Politics of Ecstasy
Timothy Leary, Ph.D.
Foreword by Tom Robbins
Preface by R. U. Sirius
Introduction by Timothy Leary

The Politics of Ecstasy is Timothy Leary's most provocative and influential exploration of human consciousness, written during the period from his Harvard days to the Summer of Love. Includes Leary's early pronouncements of the psychedelic movement and his views on social and political raminifactions of psychedelic and mystical experience.

Tim Leary is a hero of American consciousness

-Allen Ginsberg

The power, voice and vision that made Timothy Leary an American icon are embodied in The Politics of Ecstasy perhaps more than any other work.
-R. U. Sirius

The Politics of Ecstasy provides a picture of the brave neuronaut whom I believe to be the Galileo of our age, albeit a Galileo possessed of considerable Irish blarney—which makes him all the more agreeable. Of more importance, perhaps, is the light this book casts on the century's outlaw decade.
-Tom Robbins


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