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The Politics of PsychoPharmacology
by Timothy Leary
Retro Flectons by Alexander Shulgin
Chapter by Rosemary Woodruff Leary
Postword by Richard Glen Boire

TIMOTHY LEARY thought of himself as a "philosopher-psychologist". As such he promoted provocative notions such as the government setting up centers to train young people in the safe use of LSD.

It made perfect sense to Leary that he should be Governor of California. His campaign platform was hilarious—and way too enlightened. He proposed that people pay Frivolity Fees—a kind of sin tax—for breaking the law instead of going to jail. When Leary’s campaign became an actual threat to the establishment candidates—there was a real chance that he would win—"they" stopped that by putting Leary in jail to prevent him from running. He learned of Reagan’s election from Algeria where he had fled after escaping from prison.

Leary claimed that prison is the occupational hazard of a successful philosopher. He must have been quite successful because he was incarcerated in some 24 prisons through out the world.

This is the story of Leary’s appearance before a Senate Committee and Teddy Kennedy’s interrogation, his persecution for his "dangerous" idea, his Queen of Heart-like escape trial, his prison experiences and his much condemned discussions with the FBI about the Weathermen Underground.

Included are Sasha Shulgin’s recollections of Leary and the turn-on of the month era, a fascinating description of the Millbrook raid and finding G. Gordon Liddy in her bedroom by Rosemary Leary, and a wonderfully expressed discourse on cognitive liberty by Richard Glen Boire, author of Marijuana Law.

Everyone who loves freedom and fears Big Brother, misses the sixties and enjoys Timothy Leary will have fun with this book.


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