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This book 
possesses metaphysical integrity and charisma unparalled in scientific culture.

—John Allen
Biosphere 2

On Limits 


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Programming the Human BioComputer
John C. Lilly, M.D.
Preface by John Allen

Each of us resides within a biochemical robot—a computer.  We are programmed. Some programs, especially those needed for survival, are hardwired and present at birth. Other programs are implanted into our system as a child. Programs are in hierarchies—
programs and metaprograms. 

All of us are programmed biocomputers.

The human biocomputer is that we can self-program.  John Lilly’s groundbreaking research tells us how.  Our biocomputers have the unique feature of learning to learn called metaprogramming 

We can not escape our nature 
as programmed beings.

Most of us have several controllers or  selves—
self-metaprograms. Above and beyond the control hierarchy is the single administrative self-meta-
programmer—often thought of as the "higher self." 

We can program any conceivable model of the universe inside our own structure.

Our biocomputer can program the self-programmer to travel through its models as if those realities were real.  This property is useful when we step outside it and see it for what it is—an immensely satisfying realization of the programmatic power of our biocomputer.

Programming chemicals facilitate self-metaprogramming.


Entheogens are biochemicals that amplify and accelerate the metaprogramming process.  With controlled use, we can discover profound truths about our self and our capabilities.  The resulting states of being, of consciousness, teach us basic truths about our biochemical-
electrical equipment.

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