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Psychedelic Underground Library
Nine Rare Classics

Nine hard-to-find underground classics from a hang-loose bye-gone era, now back in print, bound into a single volumn. 

CAUTION: Some procedures described in this book involve solvents and processes that are dangerous and should be done by licensed chemist in controlled laboratory conditions.

Preface by Dan Joy

Book of Acid

    by Adam Gottlieb
    How organic LSD is made from legal and available materials.
Peyote & Other Psychoactive Cacti
    by Adam Gottlieb
    How to cultivate cacti and extract their psychoactive powers.
Psilocybin Producer's Guide
    by Adam Gottlieb
    How 5000 doses of organic psilocybin were produced weekly in a small room.
Drug Manufacturing for Fun &Profit
    by Mary Jane Superweed
    How Africian aphrodisiac khala-khij, D.M.T., hashish and super candy were made in a kitchen lab.
Herbal Aphrodisiacs
    by Mary Jane Superweed
    A turn on for lovers.
Herbal Highs
    by Mary Jane Superweed
    A guide to natural and legal narcotics, psychedelics and stimulants.
Home Grown Highs
    by Mary Jane Superweed
    How to grow peyote, psilocybe and other organics.
Cocaine Tester's Handbook
    by Adam Gottlieb
    Methods for testing the purity of cocaine and detecting the presence of various cuts.
Freebase Cocaine by J. M. Anvil
The essentials.