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"I would say there's a fair chance that god isn't even a being, or at least not some human-like being.  Do you think we are so good looking that a god -who could l
look like anything or nothing -
would actually want to look 
like us, with nose hairs 
or butt-cheeks?"

- Scoop Nisker


Crazy Wisdom Guru
Start Your Own Religion
Timothy Leary

Religion, mystical visionary possession states are powerful and wonderful - they open the doors of perception, polish our sensory lenses, and shake up the autonomic nervous system.  They're intimate and precious and they shouldn't be imposed on others.  When the power of the shamanic tripping is hooked to a confrontational, monotheistic religious dogma, you've got the potential for major mind games.

Who Owns the Jesus Property?

What we have is a typical bunch of quarreling Christian sects - exactly the same noisy cast of characters who have been profiting from similar theological battles for two  millennia. They've bickered, century after century.  They are hassling over the ownership of one of the most valuable properties of all time.  Look at the script: The birth in the manger.  The walking on water. The loaves and fishes.  The scourging of the money lenders form the Temple.  The betrayal by Judas.  The crown of thorns.  The ever-popular Crucifixion Climax. The surprise ending Resurrection.  It beats Indian Jones, doesn't it!

Religion is the turn-on, 
tune-in, drop-out process .

In the 1960s we began to see a new religious movement - Born Again Paganism - which is still going strong today.  In START YOUR OWN RELGION Leary describes a do-it-yourself-religion.  Since God #1 appears to be held hostage by the blood-thirsty Persian ayatollah, by the telegenic Polish pope and the Moral Majority ... there's only one logical alternative:  Steer your own course!  You and your dear friends must start your own religion.

The basic political unit is exactly the 
same as the basic spiritual 
grouping:  The Clan.

You and your friends can do anything that the great religions and empires and racial groups have done in the name of their Gods.  You can choose your Gods to be smart, compassionate, cute and goofy.  Begin by creating a cult comprised of your family and friends.  Then develop a personal mythology and write your own New Testament.

You are a God.  Pray like one!


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