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Pros & Cons of Statins

Jim Maciel interviews 
Dr. Estren

Jim Brown Podcast with
Dr. Mark Estren

"A clearly written and scientifically accurate exploration of the controversies surrounding treatment for cardiovascular disease."

Mark Stengler, NMD, Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Founder of Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine


Miraculous or Misguided?

Mark J. Estren, PhD

Do you or a loved one use statins—the most-prescribed drugs in the nation? Many believe they are miracle medicines because they change the balance of good and bad cholesterol in ways favorable to health. They can even be beneficial for people without a history of high cholesterol or cardiac disease.


On the downside, STATINS: MIRACULOUS OR MISGUIDED? reveals that almost everything people think they know about statins is wrong. We’ve been told that problematic cholesterol comes from eating rich foods when actually the body makes it. Statins work by interfering with the body’s ability to manufacture cholesterol, which is its “miracle”. Unfortunately, statins also have side effects, including muscle pain, digestive problems and potential liver damage. Research suggests that statins increase the risk of diabetes and are implicated in generalized fatigue.


STATINS: MIRACULOUS OR MISGUIDED? explains the risks in clear, jargon-free language, tells danger signs—such as forgetfulness, confusion, excessive thirst or urination, muscle aches and symptoms of liver damage—and explains how to address such symptoms with your doctor. STATINS: MIRACULOUS OR MISGUIDED? describes alternative approaches used by naturopathic practitioners, which may include substituting red yeast rice extract or plant sterols for a statin, eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as wild salmon, and avoiding trans fatty acids such as are found in deep-fried foods, snacks, and some bakery products.


STATINS: MIRACULOUS OR MISGUIDED? is an easy-to-understand explanation—for patients and doctors alike—of the pluses and minuses of statins, and essential reading for anyone taking these drugs. It is a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one using statins.