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We inhabit
a biochemical robot,
yet we are more 
than the robot.


The Steersman
Metabeliefs and Self-Navigation
John C. Lilly, M.D.

ALL HUMAN BEINGS are programmed biocomputers.  We cannot escape our nature as a programmable entity. Literally, each of us may be our programs, nothing more, nothing less. Despite the great varieties possible, most of us have a limited set of programs. Some are built-in-hardwired; some are programmed  into us early on and maintained by our metabeliefs.

What is exciting and inspiring about the biovehicle that we occupy is that we can take the helm- we can program our own biocomputers. The Steersman is the controller, the programmer in the biocomputer, the self-metaprogrammer. The Steersman is guided largely by metabeliefs-those sometimes conscious, but mostly unconscious, assumptions, axioms, biases, prejudices, models and simulations, which determine at any given moment in time our thoughts, feelings, motives, and our sense of what is real and true. 

Beliefs are the beacons by which we navigate 
through the rocky waters of life.

Several metabelief systems may overlap, creating paradoxes, confusion and conflicts. Beliefs are like an iceberg because about ninety percent of them lie below our usual levels of awareness. Such unconscious beliefs can steers us in directions we may not want to go. 

Beliefs are like garments that we can put on and take off, with various colors and designs that may be outrageous, sexual, emotional, or totally alien. A first step in taking command is to become aware our guiding metabeliefs and how they influence our choices. 

In THE STEERSMAN John Lilly, a rare combination of scientist and mystic, explains how beliefs are acquired, how they control us and how to unroot and examine them and step up to the helm to be our own self-metaprogrammer-the steersman of our own biovehicle.  He also addresses how various consciousness-altering chemicals can accelerate or inhibit metaprogramming.


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