Satire/New Age Spirituality

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Paul Krassner is the funniest an in the  galaxy and this is his best book.
--Robert Anton Wilson

... a contemporary  Kahlil Gibran
-- Ram Dass

...most of the famous swamis are hip show-biz operators, campy-vampy-splashy-flashy homosecual queens with gullable followers, grand ashrams, triumphal road tours, performing restful magic. It's amusing to hear them gossip and put each other down. They follow each other's productions like jealous rockstars, competing for the top of the cosmic charts.
--Timothy Leary
The Fugitive Philosopher

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Tales of Tongue Fu
Paul Krassner
Forword by David Jay Brown
    Trina Robbins
    Pete von Sholly

Imagine having a fifteen-inch tongue. The erotic possibilities are endless. Tongue Fu, the protagonist in Paul Krassner's profoundly funny and hysterically wise satirical novel, has such a tongue due to being the genetically mutated son of a Japanese kamikaze pilot. 

Set in the early 1970s, Krassner mischievously pokes fun at all forms of spirituality-from fundamentalist preachers to New Age gurus. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll was a slogan of the times, but at the core there was a spiritual revolution, with young people abandoning western religions to experiment with eastern disciplines. 

TALES OF TONGUE FU parodies those who attempted to enhance and exploit that search for expanded consciousness as we follow Tongue Fu in his madcap adventures on the fringes of American culture and the frontiers of human consciousness.

Krassner's zany and profound philosophical insights are revealed in the hilarious storyline and monologues, such as those by Anal Roberts and Baba Blabla

Well-known standup comic, Krassner is a world-class master of great satire. In what Robert Anton Wilson dubbed his best work, playful word puns, and clever twists on media trends of the time, are woven with much wit into Krassner's wonderfully weird, wild, and whimsical adventure. 

Baby boomers who came of age in the 1960s and 1970s will love this nostalgic cameo of an amazing time past. Younger readers who are sorry that they missed The Sixties will get a big laugh along with a bit of insight into the goings on of so-called gurus-such as when one not-so-saintly swami made a pass at Tongue Fu's girlfriend, Rosebud, who retorted, You can just take your turban and shove it up your purple illusion.

Interview with Krassner 

by Reality Sandwich 

Porn Soup

Susie Bright interviewed Krassner about his new book, "Porn Soup"

Bright:  So many people have a *Deep Throat* or Linda Lovelace story.  I washed her car, for a few bucks, parked up the street, when I was in high school.  My first acid trip coincided with seeing her introduce Deep Purple at a monster rock fest on a desert racetrack...What's yours?

Krassner:  Which, my *Deep Throat* story or my first acid trip?  I will tell you both.  *Deep Throat* inspired me to write a little book, *Tales of Tongue Fu,* a New Age media satire about a guru with a 15-inch tongue.  Tongue Fu considers Linda Lovelace to be his soulmate because her clitoris is in her throat.  As for my first acid trip...