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Dr Alexander Sumach, THC

side from this wonderful book being entirely hand lettered . every page  has a clever drawing rare photo or antique map to make the reading it a delight. What we have here is a complete  history of hashish from prehistory right up to the classic hippy era after which real hashish sort of disappeared  over the horizon  This is a story that had never been told . Dr Sumach did the research and  finally told it.

     The main lesson we learn is that hashish is a concentrated resin taken from carefully cultivated cannabis plants, selected by lineage with all the care of breeding racehorses by people who know what they are doing
     Real  hashish is  not your Dad’s marijuana, Not by a long shot . Hashish is something unique and   specially prepared. Hence its great cost and rarity , even in the olden days. This is because the secrets of growing the finest pedigree cannabis plants under  optimal conditions, select ing the best specimens and preparing them for hashish  requires a master chefs eye for quality. Making real hash  is more an art than a science. It can be done, and you can do it too, but you  have to  pay  attention

     Hashish had been  a specialty confection of the people of Central Asia for a very long time. Nobody really knows how long, but Central Asia is where Cannabis plants originate. Millennia of  mindful selection had let these ancient plantsmen  distinguish   the hempish  fibre positive  plants  as very different from the demure resinous hashish strains,. From the latter  the  highly desirable waxy dream grease was collected in season like the rare vintage it was. The very best hashish was commandeered by the local dignitaries and only a little of this primo grade hashish  ever left the region where it was  made . The very finest hash was collected  from high altitude plants and was worth…  its weight in gold

This legendary  hashish  from the  Himalayas was sought after by kings and princes who  prized  the high energy effects of this, the finest hashish in the world  superior in in every way  to anything most modern day pot fanciers could cobble together from a novelty strain of marijuana from their basement light garden  But with  careful attention to detail and an eye for excellence ,some semblance of  this wonderful old style hashish can still be made at home, in small batches for the occasional special occasions.

             This is not marijuana, this is real hashish.

     We also learn from Dr Sumach’s Treasury of Hashish that the ancient golden age societies of China, Greece and Rome were familiar with high end hashish and  valued the imported article as a powerful medicine and aid to the  work of imagination management. Real hashish  has always been the plaything of kings and whom he was friendly..: the artists and poets at his court, But we learn, hashish  could also be wielded asca terrible tool of tyrants-

     The traveller Marco Polo  wrote the story of the “ Old Man of the  Mountain”  - a prototype Taliban Commander in what is today, modern Syria… Marco Polo describes how  the Old Man,  in his mountain lair  used hashish to indoctrinate a  stealth army of Assassins to wage a devastating guerrilla war to destroy the enemy occupiers in his country :  one family at a time .

      Dr Sumach shares that the French General Napoleon brought hashish back from Egypt in the early 19th Century . At first,  this curious Arab drug was a salon novelty to induce fanciful frolics  but a French Empire  hashish   craze soon spread to their own artists and poets writers and scientists. Some of the most ambitious ideas novels, plays and inventions of that century came about during hashish inspired jam sessions. Paris was awash in  hashish  once  the students got wind of it.  The intellectual overdrive associated with Hashsih soon gave way to old fashioned debauchery,