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Dr. Virginia Bennett

Keep your eyes to the skies . . . . .

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by Dr. Virginia Bennett
Foreword by Micheal Miley, editor UFO Magazine
Illustrated by Bill McDonald

When author hypthotherapist Dr. Virginia Bennett awake from a strange dream in which she morphed into a preying mantis, little did she know that it was the beginning of a strange adventure, which includes a woman with alien eyes as a house guest and a career helping experiencers and abductees makes sense of their other worldly experiences.

Always maintaining an attitude of discernment, UFOs tells the story of alien visits to our dear green Earth from the days of antiquity to the present. Learn what happened at the Army Air Base in Roswell New Mexico, including the alien autopsy. Delve into the government cover-up and discover the MIB‹Men in Black, suspected government agents who appear from nowhere, after which no one wants to discuss what they saw and experienced. Find out who the woman with the alien eyes was and what she wanted. UFOs doesnıt stop here. Crop circles, weird and frightening chupacabra, lizard lovers and alien kisses are included.

Are people really being abducted by funny small grey creatures with big eyes? And if so, is it part of a plan to bred a new race? What are the so-called "implants" that have been taken out of abducteesı noses and ears? Some people speculate that implants are a kind of tracking device. Others believe that theyıve been healed by implants. Whatıs going on here? Is this real? Who are these people who call themselves ufologists? What goes on during hypnotic regression?

UFO sighting have been reported by people of all ages, races, political persuasions and socio-economic groups, including police officers, Air Force pilots, a U.S. president. Along with house wives, farmers, and your man on the street. One rules seems to hold‹seeing is believing.

UFOs is a playful, yet informative book is illustrated by Bill McDonald, a world leading UFO artist and features a Preface by Michael Miley, editor of UFO Magazine. It is easy to read at all ages and makes a wonderful gift. Be careful in reading this book‹you, too, may get hooked!

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